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How To Really Save $5,000 On Your Next Car

Todd: Hi I’m Todd.

Thad: I’m Thad.

Todd: We’re the Watters boys.

Thad: Some consumers are putting off buying a new vehicle right now even

though they really need one, because they’re hanging onto their money.

Todd: That’s understandable. My brother has put off buying new

clothes for ten years for that same reason.

Thad: I won’t mention that you recently borrowed one of my suit jackets.

Todd: And I won’t mention that it was waaay too big.

Thad: But eventually, people are going to decide to go car shopping.

Todd: Yep. You can only bum rides from your parents for so long.

Thad: Or bum clothes from your bro for so long.

Todd: So Thad and I sat down and came up with what we think is a great list

of four ways for you to save money on your next vehicle.

Thad: Some of these may seem really simple, but the truth is that they also


Todd: Take it from two guys who have spent their lives buying and selling

cars – these tips will work, if you follow them.

1. Do your homework before you ever set foot in a dealership.
Todd: With all the resources available on the internet, there’s just no
excuse not to know at least something about what you want.
Thad: Know what options you want. Investigate makes and models on the
manufacturer’s web site.
Todd: Plus there are a ton of social networking sites where car owners talk
about their own experience with specific models and features.
Thad: Which is something we’ll be setting up on our own blog, so
keep your eyes open!
Todd: The most important thing – get smart about what you want so you can
negotiate from a position of strength.
2. Know what your trade is worth.
Todd: We have consumers who come in all the time and don’t have a clue
what their car is worth as a trade-in.
Thad: That really puts them at a disadvantage.
Todd: For example, we can tell someone their ’83 Vega is worth $11.95 and a
couple free tickets to see Leap Year.
Thad: I’ve seen it – we need to at least toss in a small popcorn.
Todd: Of course we wouldn’t do that.
Thad: No one should ever be encouraged to see Leap Year.
Todd: Even for free.
Thad: Car shoppers planning on trading in their current vehicle should go to,  Kelly Blue Book’s site, or to find
out what their trade is worth before they visit the dealership.
Todd: also has a cool “TMV” True Market Value section on
their home page.
Thad: You can put in the car/truck you want and pick options and it will
show MSRP/ invoice and what you should expect to pay in your market. 
Todd: This is a very good tool – it lets you know about where the dealer will
end up on the sale price for you. 
Thad: It has tallied up all the sales in area and put them together to get a
uniform price.
Todd:  All of the books are not buyers for your used car but are a guide to get
you close. 
Thad: Which is closer than we’re going to get to your Vega.
3.  Bigger Inventory + older products = lower prices
Todd: Inventory plays a big role in the price of a car. 
Thad: The harder it is to get, the higher the price. 
Todd: If  it is a new model and not many around then you will not get a big
Thad: The rebate will also be lower on new products just out. 
Todd: But if there is a big supply, dealers will be willing to discount in order
to move cars.
Thad: And manufacturers will also be offering bigger rebates.
Todd: Bottom line – bigger inventory and older models mean bigger savings
for you.
4.  Take advantage of loyalty rebates.
Thad: The GM factory is giving up to a $2000 loyalty rebate for being loyal
to the GM brand. 
Todd: There is also a Conquest rebate,  if you drive a non GM brand, for up to
Thad: There you go – four tips that can save you a lot of money on your next
vehicle purchase.
Todd: And we even have a few more ways to save you money that we’d love
to share with you.
Thad: But that means seeing Todd and I in person, and some of you may
be unwilling to accept the health risks.
Todd: Your wardrobe alone can cause blindness.
Thad: Tomorrow I’m going with plaid polyester – just for you.
(For more savings tips, visit us at
Next time: Dispelling The Biggest Myths About The Car Business

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Why We’re In To Cars

Todd: Hi, I’m Todd.

Thad: And I’m Thad.

Both: We’re the Watters boys.

Todd: The best way to tell us apart is that I’m the attractive one – just look at our picture, above.

Thad: I think my coat has a much healthier sheen.

Todd: Thad and I grew up around cars, which is why we now are the third generation owners of Watters Autoland in Indianola.

Thad: Plus, Dad “strongly suggested” that we continue in the business.

Todd: I think he threatened to disown us.

Thad: He threatened you.

Todd: That’s because you weren’t around – like, ever.

Thad: I was always working on cars.

Todd: Or chasing girls.

Thad: Or chasing girls.

Todd: And so my brother and I want to share whatever car knowledge we’ve picked up over the past thirty years, with you.

Thad: We’ll give you tips on what really matters during a test drive.

Todd: The most important questions to ask before you sign the deal.

Thad: Why kicking the tire is actually a good thing.

Todd: Except when the car is moving.

Thad: And other advice that can help you buy your next vehicle.

Todd: Or help you repair the one you have now.

Thad: Todd and I have a passion for cars and we want to share it with you.

Todd: So thanks for reading our blog and if you like it, let your friends know about it.

Thad: Because we’re certainly telling our friends.

Todd: Most of whom are frankly shocked that we can actually write.

Thad: And read. And walk upright.

Todd: They’re so smart – let ’em get their own blog.

Next time: Five secret ways to save $5,000 on your next vehicle

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