Dispelling The Biggest Myths About Cars

Todd: I’m Todd.

Thad: I’m Thad.

Todd: And we’re the Watters Boys.

Thad: There is a lot of great information out there about buying, selling and

operating a car.

Todd: You’ll find some good advice in books, newspaper articles and

automotive web sites and blogs.

Thad: Like this one – at least that’s the idea of Talkin Cars.

Todd: However you do have to take some of my brother’s ideas with a grain

of salt – like when he thought that stopping a car by sticking your foot out of

the door and sliding it on the ground would prolong the life of the brake


Thad: I was nine years old – and I still think that idea could work.

Todd: Except you’d lose money with all the emergency room bills.  

Thad: But for every good idea, there are others floating around out there…

Todd: Like Thad’s “brake with your foot” concept.

Thad: …that are not so good.

Todd: In this blog we’ll focus on myths about buying a car. Here are the

most common ones that we’ve heard over the years:

Myth #1: I have three days to return the car

Todd: The idea is that whether you’re buying new or used, you have three

days to change your mind and return the car.

Thad: The term is called “rescission,” or “to rescind.”

Todd: The dictionary definition-

Thad: I lent him mine.

Todd: -is: “The right of an individual involved within a contract to return to

the identical state as before they entered into the agreement, due to courts

not recognizing the contract as legally binding.”

Thad: This is one of those myths that’s kind of true but sort of not.

Todd: You can bring the car back only if a dealer has deliveried it to you,  or

made the deal at your home. 

Thad: If you come to your dealership and buy the car, you own it –

otherwise, the three days is to protect you for when a salesperson

comes to your home and strong-arms you into buying a car.

Todd: Otherwise, Caveat Emptor.

Thad: My brother is going crazy with that dictionary!

Todd: At Watters Autoland that’s exactly why we go over our pre-owned

vehicles with a fine tooth comb, before a customer drives it or buys it.

Thad: We want to make sure that the car you buy from us runs right, and is

right for you.

Myth #2: The best car deals are at the end of the month.

Thad: This myth probably started as a marketing tool.

Todd: Leave it up to those wacky advertising guys!

Thad: Hey, we’re wacky advertising guys.

Todd: Yeah but we’re not that wacky. Remember when some ad guy 

suggested we do a “We’re strippin down prices” TV ad campaign,

with all of us walking around without any clothes on?

Thad: I think that would have worked better on radio.

Todd: While it’s true that we do have monthly sales quotas we try 

to meet…

Thad: It’s also true that we pay the same price for our vehicles, whether it’s

at the beginning, middle or end of the month. And the same goes for our


Todd: Our bottom line at Watters Autoland is that we try to charge a fair

price, make a fair profit and pay our employees fair wages.

Thad: So they can all afford to buy clothes.

Myth #3: Extended Warranties Are Just Overpriced Scams

Todd: Wow. If I had a nickel for every time I heard a consumer say this.

Thad: How many nickels would you have?

Todd: Can I borrow your calculator?

Thad: Only if I can have my dictionary back.

Todd: Cars are built incredibly strong, to withstand all the years of driving

abuse we dish out.

Thad: But the more we drive a car, the better the chance for


Thad: That’s just a fact of life, with anything we buy and use.

Todd: So we always always always recommend customers get

extended warranty insurance, especially on a used car.

Thad: The price is reasonable, especially for what it covers, which is a lot.

Todd: Road Hazard Insurance can also really pay off because it covers

tires and rims.

Thad: Especially with this Iowa weather and the effect it has on our roads.

Todd: All it takes is driving one time into a pothole the size of my brother’s

swimming pool, and the insurance has paid for itself and then some.

Thad: There are a lot more car myths, misconceptions and out and

out horse hooey that we’ll address in future blogs.

Todd: If you’ve got a myth you’d like us to talk about, just post it in a

comment on our blog!

Thad: Meantime, drive safe and remember – only six weeks till spring!

Todd: Yea! Then we can start running around without clothes!

Thad: Remind me to be sick that day.

Todd and Thad Watters own and operate Watters Autoland in Indianola, Iowa. To find out more, visit www.wattersautoland.com.


Next time: Getting the most for your trade-in


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