Why Kicking The Tire Is A Good Thing!

Todd: Hi, I’m Todd.

Thad: I’m Thad.

Todd: And we’re the Watters boys.

Thad: What we’re about to tell you will sound stupid on the surface

Todd: Unlike other things we tell you that will sound stupid way down deep.

Thad: Like, The Colts are a sure bet to win the Superbowl. 

Todd: It sounded smart at the time.

Thad: How much money did you lose on that bet?

Todd: Let’s just say I need to sell a LOT of cars in February.

Kicking the tire can tell you a lot

Thad: So here’s the stupid sounding thing; kicking the tires on your car is actually a very smart thing to do.

Todd: Wow – that does sound stupid.

Thad: I tried to warn you.

Todd: No one is exactly sure when or how this “myth” started.

Thad: Some believe that back when tires were made of solid rubber, people used to kick them to see if they would crack or break, which they sometimes did.

Todd: Pneumatic, or air-filled tires, eventually replaced the solid rubber variety.

Thad: Which didn’t prevent people from continuing to kick tires.

Todd: Maybe human beings were just bored back then – this was after all before cable.

Thad: I think Mediacom now offers The Tire Kicking Channel as part of their basic package

Todd: Kicking tires eventually developed a bad reputation.

Thad: The assumption was that the person who did it really didn’t know why they were doing it, or much about cars in general.

Todd: But there are some very good reasons to kick the tire of a vehicle.

Thad: A rattling sound can mean issues with the springs, suspension, shock absorber, wheel bearing or caliper.  

Todd: Plus, kicking the tire can alert you to loose lug nuts.

Thad: Believe it or not, tires can and do come loose.

Todd: Also, when you kick the tire – or better yet, put your foot on the top of it and step down, you can feel if the tire is underinflated.

Thad: Of course, kicking the tire can’t tell you about a gazillion other things that could be wrong with your car.

Todd: If your friendly grease monkey uses this as a diagnostic method, you may want to consider taking your car somewhere more reputable.

Thad: Like, to a witch doctor.

Todd: Which witch doctor?

Thad: Don’t go there.  

Todd: Meantime, we hope sharing the truth about the myth brings tire-kicking back into vogue.

Thad: Much like we’re hoping that us wearing leisure suits around the dealership will bring them back as a fashion statement. 

Todd: Although so far, the results have been disappointing.

Thad: Just like the Colts.

Todd: Don’t make me kick you.


Todd and Thad Watters own and manage Watters Autoland in Indianola, Iowa. To find out more, visit them at: www.wattersautoland.com 


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