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Buying A Car – New vs Used


Thad: I’m Thad.

Todd: I’m Todd.

Thad: We’re the Watters boys.

Todd: You may be struggling with whether to buy new or used.

Thad: We’re here to tell you, it’s ALWAYS better to buy underwear brand new.  

Todd: Fresh off the shelf and outta the package undies beat garage sale skivvies, every time.  

Thad: As for a vehicle, well that’s a fruit of a different loom.


New or used? This guy's thinking about it...


Todd: There are obvious advantages to buying a vehicle new.

Thad: You get a full dealer warranty.

Todd: There’s no previous owner, so no worries about how they treated it.

Thad: A new car will typically have more and better safety features.

Todd: And better features overall, bumper to bumper.

Thad: New cars also typically get better gas mileage, depending on the model.

Todd: There are also tax incentives to purchasing certain new vehicles.

Thad: And the automakers have incredible incentives right now for you to buy new, including GM, our flagship company.

Todd: In addition we also have our own local dealer incentives here at Watters Autoland.


There are financial incentives to buying new


Thad: Yes – like, buy a new car and get my brother for half-price.

Todd: Or a brother of equal or lesser value – that’s you.

Thad: Plus a new car smells new, looks new and runs new, which makes you feel good.

Todd: Which is one of the most enjoyable things about owning a new car.

Thad: And something else to think about – without new cars, there would be no used cars.

Todd: Which means we would all be riding horses to work.

Thad: And this post would be titled, “Buying A Horse? New vs. Used.”

Todd: “Watters Equineland”…kinda has a nice ring to it.

Thad: I’ll park ’em if you clean ’em.

Todd: From the financial horse sense perspective however, used cars win, hooves down.

Thad: Used cars typically cost less than new.

Todd: Used cars lose less of their value.

Thad: While new cars lose about 40% of their value after the first three years.

Todd: It slow down after that, but you obviously don’t take that big of a hit with used.

Thad: When you buy used, you’re also entering the lowest operating expenses phase of the vehicle – depending on its age.

Todd: There’s usually lower financial costs

Thad: Lower registration and license fees…

Todd: And a lower cost to insure the vehicle.  

She paid less for her used car - see how happy she is?


Thad: So, for dependability, safety, a full warranty, incentives, lower maintenance costs and that new car smell, go with new.

Todd: For lower financing costs, less depreciation and better overall value, go with used.

Thad: If you want to compare the numbers of new vs. used, there are lots of online calculators.

Todd: There’s one we particularly like – go to it by clicking here.

Thad: You can also contact us at Watters Autoland for more information on the benefits of buying new vs. used.

Todd: Whatever you do, don’t stop buying new.

Thad: I’d hate to ask a horse to carry my brother around.

Todd: Do you actually have to ask, first?

Thad: Wouldn’t you want me to ask you first before I climbed on your back?

Todd: Good point.

Todd and Thad Watters own and manager Watters Autoland in Indianola, Iowa. Visit them at


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