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5 Tips For Getting Your Car Ready For Spring

Todd: I’m Todd.

Thad: I’m Thad.

Todd: We’re the Watters Boys.

Thad: Spring is in the air!

Todd: In the air in Hawaii.

Thad: Here, it’s still cold and miserable.

Todd: But that beats bone-numbing and uninhabitable.

Thad: And that miniscule improvement can only mean one thing…

Both: Spring is almost here!

Todd: So it’s time to get your car in Spring-shape.


Spring car cleaning means a bit more than this

Thad: Here are five good tips we’ve put together.

Todd: That will guarantee your vehicle makes a smooth transition from bleak arctic tundra to Wizard Of Oz in color.

Thad: Can I be the scarecrow?

Todd: Yeah, cause you’re already scarin me.


1. Remove road salt from underneath the vehicle.


Thad: People have no idea how bad this stuff really is.

Todd: You can go through a regular car wash and press the “clean the undercarriage” option, but even that won’t really remove the built-up gunk.

Thad: Remember, you’ve been driving through thousands of slushy pot holes.

Todd: And gunk-filled pot holes.

Thad: And pot holes with pot holes.

Todd: We recommend you take it to a mechanic or professional detailer and really have it cleaned.

Thad: Everyone in Iowa should have this done – it’ll help prolong the life of your car.


2. Check the tires.


Todd: Believe it or not, tire pressure changes up to a pound per square inch for every 10 degrees in temperature change outdoors.

Thad: And that’s assuming my brother isn’t riding in the car with four of his larger friends, eating buckets of fried chicken.

Todd: Talk about deflating the tires.

Thad: That’s why the tire pressure sensors in newer cars tend to go off in cold weather.

Todd: Underinflation allows your tires to wear unevenly on the sides.

Thad: Plus your gas mileage will suffer.

Todd: So check the pressure when it’s cold, then fill it accordingly.

Thad: And if my brother and his posse are ridin, give it a few extra shots of air.

Todd: There is also a product called Nitrogen tire fill , which will help keep your tire pressure normal during cold weather which will also help your gas mileage.

Thad: It’s available at Watters Autoland for $20.

 Todd: About the amount my brother spends daily on peanut M and M’s out of our little snack machine.

Thad: One quarter at a time, baby. One quarter at a time.


3. Change your wiper blades.


Todd: How much abuse have your wipers taken this winter?

Thad: They’ve been ensconsed in ice…

Todd: There’s your thesaurus!

Thad: Battered by snow, sleet and wind…

Todd: I think I saw my wipers on-line, looking for cheap air fare to Florida.

Thad: Wiper blades are designed to last about a year, and this year’s been particularly brutal.

Todd: So get them changed as soon as possible, for safety’s sake.

Thad: Plus I can’t stand the sound of bare metal scraping a windshield.

Todd: I wish I could make that sound with my mouth, just to see you squirm.

Thad: You make me squirm without trying.


4. Change the spark plugs, oil and coolant.


Todd: Just like your wiper blades, your engine’s spark plugs also take a beating.

Thad: Ole’ Sparky can fire as many as 300,000 times in just 100 miles.


Your engine needs a Spring cleaning, too

Todd: So get them changed – along with your oil, oil filter, air filter, coolant and wiper blades – as part of an overall vehicle spring cleaning.

Thad: One of the worst things you can do to your engine is just keep driving it into Spring like everything’s cool beans.

Todd: This winter has been tough on just about every part of your vehicle, especially the engine.

Thad: So, like our grandma used to say, blow the stink off of it.

Todd: Did literally blowing the stink off of anything, ever work?

Thad: I don’t know – as hard as I blow in your direction, I can still smell your cologne – so I guess not.

Todd: Please keep blowing until you feel light-headed…then really blow hard.

Thad: Get your oil and filter changed, flush your coolant, get a tune-up and check your battery connection – trust us, your car needs it.


5. Completely clean the interior


Todd: As we’ve talked about in previous “Talkin Cars” posts, keeping the inside of your car clean means a higher trade-in value when it’s time.

Thad: So don’t settle for running a car wash vacuum across your floor mats.


Detailing the interior will add to your car's value

Todd: Take it to a professional detailer and really have the inside and outside thoroughly cleaned.

Thad: This small investment will reap rewards when you sell it or trade it in.

Todd: Plus it’s so much more fun to ride in a car that doesn’t smell like old french fries.

Thad: Although I do love the smell of new french fries.

Todd: Can you get that in a dangling air freshener?


Here’s a great offer!


Thad: We talked earlier about getting your oil changed.

Todd: And now we’d like to help you with that part of your Spring car cleaning.

Thad: Just sign up for our “Talkin Cars” blog via email, and we’ll email you a coupon good for an $18.99 oil change at Watters Autoland in Indianola.

Todd: That’s a savings of 50%!

Thad: Plus you’ll be taking a great first step into spring, with a happy car.

Todd: Don’t forget the fries.

Thad: Mmmmmmm.


Todd and Thad Watters own and manage Watters Autoland in Indianola, Iowa. Visit them at 


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